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Testimony 1

What a blessing JF23 Oil has been for me! I am a very busy message therapist, now 90 years young. For the first time


Testimony 2

Please send me all information on your JF23. I have purchased a bottle and it is a WONDER...I need information for a friend...


Testimony 3

My husband uses this product for diabetes related pains, sore and burning feet. It's the only thing that helps him. L.B.



WOW-JF23 has been formulated to temporarily alleviate mild to severe pain by increasing circulation, reducing inflammation and relaxing the muscle in multiple areas of the body such as: sinuses, neck, shoulders, elbows, hands, knees, back, hip, ankle, feet, etc..



WOWJF23 is an all natural product that has been distilled from at least 1788 when two doctors, John White and Dennis Cossiden distilled Eucalyptus for use in treating chest problems and colic. The first works on the antiseptic and bacterial killing properities of the oil were published in Germany by Drs Colez (1870), Faust and Homeyer (1874). They classified it as being sudorfic, a stimulant, anit catarrhal and astringent. It was prescribed for all respiratory system conditions such as bronchitis, flu, asthma and coughts. These properties are still best known today as "Natures Tree of Life".   

Business Opportunity

At WOWJF23, your success is a priority and that''s why when you become an active distributor you''ll receive proven-effective tools that will help you every step of the way. One of the most important being the Business Builder Starter Kit. Read more...